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Share all your details in one click, no more business cards or scraps of paper

Connect and stay connected with your friends and network in an all new way. The modern phone book, just digital.

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Share all your contact details

with profile. Phone, Email, Social links and more digitally.

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identir uses mnemonic phrase passwords and data encryption,

ensuring your data stays safe.

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Keep your personal and worklife separate, customise what you share with each new connection.

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Connect with others by either searching for their name or tag, scanning their QR code and more.

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Create a group for your friends group, co-workers, events, clubs and more, keeping everyone connected.

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Add your own notes to the profile of your friends, making it easier to search for them by keywords.

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The only profile you'll ever need to share.

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Are you a business or conference organiser?
Learn how identir can help your customers find
you and add value to professional networking
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One Profile

With more than 40+ social platforms, you can be sure to find your favourite social links to add to your profile. Identir makes it easy to share all your contact details with one click. If one of your connections change their email or a social link, you'll automatically receive the update.

Let's keep in touch!

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identir makes sharing personal information a lot safer. All your data is encrypted end to end, while ensuring on you and those who you've connected with can see your data, this means even identir cannot access your data. With mnemonic phrase authentication logins, you can be sure your data stays safe.

Exactly the way it should be!

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Choose what is shared with identir's two privacy profiles, social and professional. Share your Linkedin and Skype with coworkers, and share your Instagram and gamer tags with friends, so you can share pictures without worrying about it becoming the talk of the office.

Spreadsheet wizard by day, demon-slaying warrior by night!

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There are several ways to share your identir profile and connect with others. You can search for people by their names, handle, or if you're meeting them in person, try scanning their QR code for contactless exchange of details. If they don't have an Identir profile yet, don't stress! Send your contact details by email with an invite to add you.

Meet new people and stay connected!


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a signetas product

About us      

We're an organisation based in London with roots in innovative technology, blockchain and identity management, and a passion for transforming the way we connect and stay connected in an ever changing digitalised world.

Signetas Ltd       

86-90 Paul Street,
London EC2A 4NE,

United Kingdom

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